Best Tips on How to Attract a Gemini Man

The duality of the nature of the Gemini man can present a real challenge if you want to attract him. His interests are numerous, because he needs to satisfy the facets of his inner self. He can be an exciting person to be around, but can switch gears at the drop of a hat.

So if you want to attract a Gemini guy, be an encyclopedia of interesting topics and bundle of energy. He will sit for hours and listen to your exploits and your opinions as long as he feels you aren't just making it up. He is fascinated by new ideas and activities, but can become bored very quickly. Be ready not to take that side of his character personally. That is just the way he is.

You can keep the Gemini man interested by dressing differently each time you meet, even radically so. He loves surprises, especially when he is surprised by the facets of other people's personalities. Be creative in what you choose to do each time you see him, too. If ever there was a person who detests the idea of the "same old same old", it's the Gemini male.

The outer appearance of a person isn't all that important to a Gemini man, as long as you're intriguing. Beauty is only skin deep to this man. You don't have to be a centerfold, as long as you are witty, inventive, and even flirtatious. Show your daring side, and the Gemini man will be knocking at your door for a long time to come.